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Although they consider The Big Apple”Rotten”and renaming surrounding boroughs like”Crooklyn”, this is still the place with a wide range of talented entertainers.Aries Brooklyn born MC Gee Nice (Better Known As “GuLLyDaGReaT”) is amongst the pack with intentions to force thier way into the industry.As a early eighties baby although slightly late,Gee was birth with the pioneers of hip-hop so he learned to love music and the hip hop culture as he grew listening to lyricist.Inspired by MC’s like Kool G Rap,Big Daddy Kane,Jay-z,the late great Notorious and many more made Nice want to pay alot more attention to the hip-hop scene.Wasn’t too long after that his brother introduced him to freestyling and putting words together,so Gee began rhyming.Flowing amongst a couple of peers by the age of 14 as he also was learning and trying to develop his skill and style in order to be distinguished for the rest.Besides football and basketball,rapping also played a part of Gee’s top hobbies.While sitting in classes like English and Lang. Arts, Gee would multi task composing lyrics and tying words together after writing book reports.By the age of 20,Nice developed a few different lyrical styles along with his smooth first class delivery that appealing ears listen for.At the age of 22,he began to circulate entering into various venues throughout the D.C,Maryland,Virgina area and providing a live audience with his stage presence without a mixtape or Lp released.But his performance abilities came to a sudden hault as the artist encountered legal problems.

While dealing with these issues,Gee could not keep focus on perfecting his craft so he instead studied the game through books that he acquired.Through his studies,he became a little more knowledgable,familiar and comfortable with things which he took the time as this was a step of preperation.He was sure to start exercising his word play once again and wrote”Shoots Fired” directly after discovering a couple of subliminal lines from unknown artists.This gave him the motavation back that he lost.Gee continued on releasing a series of underground tracks including “Crush On U”and “Daily Struggles” online as well as performing these songs.Due to the crowd feedback, a mixtape was rushed to accumalate a stronger buzz so Gee put together these songs and form “The Lost Tape Mixtape”. The response he received pushed him to continue to follow his dream.As he loved creating music period,Gee favored performing more than anything.He loved to get someone moving and for people to intake his message.

Gee decided to take a step back from everything as he focused on his family.Never really leaving the music scene as he was spinning on the wheels of steel in and out of clubs at night.He would continue to work hard to build an extensive library in order to produce as he always says”Consistantcy is the key to success”.Any chance he could,he would get into the studio and record.Creating the hit track “Make It Happen” plus other remixes and freestyles on classic instrumentals like “4,3,2,1” led to the release of his second project “The GuLLy Season Mixtape”.Through promoting and network of this mixtape,Gee gained friendship with numerous individuals who honored his talent.His dedication and determination to excel is extreme as he still produces quality material.Gee Nice just release another mixtape title “GuLLy Season Mixtape V2:A Moment To Share” which is currently available for download on datpiff.com aswell as various other sites.Not only Gee but his fans are voting this young MC to be the most slept on of his era.His music targets a population of different views, backgrounds, social classes and preferences.For all updates and material on this talented young artist,we at Gee Nice Music urge you to keep posted and stay in tuned as alot more music will be headed your way!

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