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New Collab Album From AbSoul Ft Mac Miller

Ab and Miller on the team-up. Millier produces this beat under his alias Larry Fisherman which is mad decent. I fux wit it. Check it out.
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TheShowcase Magazine Is On The Hunt For The Most Talented Independent Artist From Around The World

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Welcome To TheShowcase Magazine Online Home Of The Most Talented Independent Artist Around The World!  TheShowcase Magazine is an online/3D Digital /New Stand National/International Magazine, created to assist with the promotion and marketing for dedicated, talented independent artist, models, organization and much more from around the world.

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18th Aug 2014

Lennox Bumpy Brown

Share Free Music Player for Myspace at ReverbNation.com Jamaican Recording Artist Lennox “Buppy” Brown is fueled by the passion and love for the music, he has taken his level to...

18th Aug 2014

Tha Reason

Share Born in Martinsburg,West Virginia. Tha Reason likes to challenge his audience with witty punchlines,analogies, and different deliveries to his rap style.In 1 Word (BARS)!!!!!! Started freestyling at the age...

18th Aug 2014

Thatz Dat Heat Productions

Share Free Electronic Press Kits from ReverbNation.com “If it is to be,it will because of me!” a mantra which Keston Prescott lives by. Ever since 2009 when he took a...

18th Aug 2014


Share Sell Music online at ReverbNation.com Swugg was born one Jerome Smith in Canton,Ohio. Swugg was,” Born Street,Prison Raise.” At an early age swugg would land hisself in prison,as he...

18th Aug 2014

Rising Ashes

Share With haunting and hypnotising melodies with heavy bass lines and powerful hook hook music, Rising Ashes is organized chaos condensed into music. From Phoenix Arizona Rising Ashes breaks down...

18th Aug 2014


Share Free Electronic Press Kits template from ReverbNation.com Im tep the builder of the first pyramid The African multi genius Whom the greeks called Asclepius their god of medicine Cop...

18th Aug 2014

Anahata Music

Share Learn how to place music on itunes at ReverbNation.com Conceptual Hip Hop Instrumental Beats Releasing Instrumental Albums & Mixtapes The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite Youtube FaceBook Twitter

17th Aug 2014

Kish B

Share Free music player widget at ReverbNation.com Lakeisha Brunell (KISH) is an underground rapper originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. She was always a quiet person and stayed to herself. Alone in...

17th Aug 2014


Share Learn how to get your song on itunes at ReverbNation.com To pursue your dreams in anything in this world it takes passion, a plan, determination and faith. But for...

17th Aug 2014


Share From Piano to Ukulele, it’s no wonder that Yuli kicked Simon Cowell’s ass on America Idol. Yuli played her early work on piano. Now, she’s moved mostly to her...